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Double D Ranchwear Accounting Leather Jacket


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Ledger art is a traditional Native American art form that dates back to the mid-1800s, and it usually consists of scenes and symbols being drawn or painted onto things like old accounting ledgers or stock certificates, as that type of paper was most readily available in that time period. We’ve long been drawn to the aesthetic. For more than two decades, we have worked alongside Native American artists to create various iterations of the unique style and include them in our collections over the years. We put a Double D spin on the technique for Matagorda in the Accounting Jacket and Tee, based on an old accounting ledger. This gorgeous jacket is a crackled sheepskin leather, giving it an antiqued feel, and features the ledger art design over its entirety, trimmed with a luxurious brown suede hand-beaded collar and a placket of bronze concho buttons.

  • color: elk horn
  • content: 100% sheep
  • embellishment: printed imagery, contrast detail, beading
  • size: XS-2X
  • fit: relaxed
  • style: C2697
  • collection: Matagorda
  • limited stock available