Hat Cleaning Sponge


Keep your Western felt hat looking sharp with the Hat Cleaning Sponge from M & F Western. This sturdy orange sponge has a light, airy but somewhat firm construction and can be used to shave off lint, loose nap, pills, and surface oils. Gently brush your cowboy hat with the M & F hat cleaning sponge. It can be used with hat cleaning solution or dry. Super durable sponge for Western hat care.

If you have light colored felt hats and dark felt hats, we advise getting two or more sponges. You should use one sponge is for light colors and another for dark. This way you won't get black lint on your silver belly hat, or vice-versa. These M & F Western Felt Hat cleaning sponges are part of the Scout Felt Hat cleaning product line. To use, brush hat from front to back, with the nap of the felt. Use a light touch, there's no need to scrape. Use in one direction on the brim. Sponges can be cleaned by rinsing with water. Dry thoroughly before using again.